Monday, March 28, 2011

Tiger Mom

Just received this email from my mom,

"Hi Charley,

I just caught up on your blog. It is always a treat to read - very witty, but I do worry about your health! I have to make one momish comment. I know blogs are casual and little imperfections add to the charm, but would it be possible to stop using "real" when you mean really or very? I know it is one of my pet peeves but to me it always makes people sound uneducated when I hear it...

Word is bond but as a sort of point counter-point I do wanna drop this.

Obviously it's hard to see how you come off from inside your own head but somewhere between Graham Greene and Ghostface is where I'm headed.


  1. this is great. i just sent charley a message wondering why he insisted on using "real" so frequently and inappropriately. not that i dont think you're a genius, darling.

  2. LOL LOL LOL this made my day. charley, your mum rocks.