Monday, March 28, 2011

i-Eat pt. 2

This will be a quick one. We ate at Monster Sushi in i-Square the other day in order to continue this whole i-Eat business. Whack. I hate being critical and I can usually find something to like but not really this time. We ordered some rolls and some tempura (fine, I suppose the tempura was fine). The rolls were all drenched in mayonnaise, the fish tasted old and the rice on one of my salmon pieces tasted like ammonia (Lucky concurs). The real problem was that there was about twenty minutes between the first two rolls we ordered and the last two, AND because we were sitting at the sushi bar we could see they weren't even getting started. Anyway, because it was so whack and taking so long we decided to cancel the second half of our order and go get some frozen yogurt.

I called the waitress over and very politely lied and said we had a ballet to get to so could we maybe cancel the second half of our order? She said that if they had started making it it would be impossible to cancel. This is absolutely fair but I felt pretty safe because I could see the sushi chefs not making it. So, what did the woman do? She stood right next to me and told the sushi chef in Cantonese "Hurry! Start making his sushi!" then, when the chef did start grabbing some rice she said "Oh, I'm so sorry the chefs have already started preparing your order."


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