Thursday, April 7, 2011


So here's the thing. I started doing this for fun mostly and to make my friends jealous. As I've been spending more time here, reading more blogs, meeting bloggers and actually working in the food industry, I've had to think a little bit more seriously about this whole endeavour. It's a shame because I hate doing anything seriously and especially don't want to let thought and good intentions get in the way of my snackies but here it goes...

A bunch of other bloggers follow this "Blog Code Of Ethics" thing. Basically it's: don't review free food, eat anonymously, and don't accept money for reviews. Let me say that this is undoubtedly ethically correct. This is the way to go, no doubt.

Now let me tell you what I'm going to do...

I get invited to all kinds of free meals and tastings and other fun food stuff for this job. Seriously, like four times a week, and I want to share it. Also I have opinions about it. I completely get how this causes a bias. To be fair I've been invited to some pretty shit free meals and afterwards I don't blog about it because I felt guilty about it...

Anyway, I will try and make it abundantly clear when a meal is free or what the circumstances around the meals I enjoy are. But if they're still great, or interesting or fun or worth writing about at all I'm still gonna write about them. So there we go. Oh and folks who might be giving me free meals, don't get all butt hurt if I don't like it. Gotta keep it real.

And just sayin' I'm a little too broke to have ethics right now... I don't know how many people would really want to keep reading about the noodle place next to my house. Although that spot is BANGIN.


  1. charley, you're such a meathead! lol!!! just make a disclaimer that you got the meal for free, that it was enjoyed whilst on junket, etc - and then express your opinions frankly. i don't think anyone will take you less seriously as long as they see that you consistently write honestly about your experiences. it's your blog!

  2. How's this james? Better? I think so...

  3. much better. besides, if people can't take your true and honest opinion about their food, then they shouldn't be putting their food out there for people to taste, in the first place! food is such a personal experience. the appreciation / revulsion varies by degree, from person to person. if you're honest enough with yourself, FORCE yourself to be just as honest with your feedback without succumbing to snark - unless that's your writing style. my two cents. i do PR and i blog, too, so i've obvs had too much time to think about my own code of ethics. next time, let's talk about being broke. now, that'll be a separate blog entry altogether. lol.